Ok, Photoswap, I gave you the benefit of doubt

IMG_0032.PNGAlright, I tried. I really tried. I made it a point to not become one of "those guys" on Photoswap and send endless inane photos of hairy legs or my TV in a darkened room. I would go on walks at lunch taking photos of interesting things to swap. But for my efforts I am rewarded with hairy legs and photos of floors and sheets.


People are awesome

These are some of the more choice comments I've stumbled across today regarding President Obama's school speech. I am a bit annoyed by the decision of most news outlets to permit commenting on stories, I think it is detracting and inappropriate, but when they are about a story such as this, they are like CRACK. I just can't stop reading them. They are a trainwreck of national proportions and I just can't get enough.


iPhone Camera improvements

One of the fun features of the iPhone  is the built-in camera. Like with all smartphones and cell phones, the camera is essentially a secondary device with limited functionality. The features are usually limited to "digital" zoom and maybe some brightness adjustment. The iPhone's amazing array of apps has extended the functionality of the camera phone idea but there are still some issues that I would like to see resolved.


Our first Photoswap Scavenger Hunt

The inspirationLast night I received a scavenger hunt list on Photoswap, so we thought, since we had a few friends over, thought that we'd have a little fun and participate. We contributed a few items to the list to the left and learned how the game worked on Photoswap.


My review of the "One Bus Away" transit site

As a daily bus rider in the Puget Sound area, I was hoping that there was some sort of iPhone app that would allow me to track the location of my bus. Every morning I use King County Metro's Tracker, which is a Java applet on their website which would be useless in Mobile Safari.


My review of the Photoswap iPhone App

IMG_0032.PNGFirst let me explain the concept before I give my 2 cents:

The idea here is you take a photo with your iPhone's camera and upload it to a central server that will, in turn, hand you back someone else's random photo that they just took and uploaded only moments ago as well. And what to do you get for your photo? Well, that's the mystery and the attraction of Photoswap for many.


So I went with the iPhone

So it was inevitable, after experiencing the lackluster experience that was the LG Vu, and having already had a taste of the iPhone by using Jenns, it was just about a forgone conclusion that I would, too, end up with an iPhone.


Pokemon or Pill updated


I have updated the silly game I wrote a while back called "Pokemon or Pill".

When my son was collecting Pokemon cards, I noticed that the names sounded a lot like the weird names given to prescription drugs. So I created a quiz that you can take to see if you can tell which is which.

You can play it here




$2 trillion later or $20 billion now?

Yeterday I stumbled across a somewhat disturbing article about the significant impacts that solar flares on our infrastructure. In the recent and not so recent past our fragile magnetosphere has been hammered by dozens of powerful solar flares. In 1989 a solar flare knocked out power to 6 million people in Canada for 9 hours. In 1859 an event set numerous telegraph stations on fire. It is the 1859 event that is of most concern as it was the most powerful solar flare in recorded history.


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