iPhone Camera improvements

One of the fun features of the iPhone  is the built-in camera. Like with all smartphones and cell phones, the camera is essentially a secondary device with limited functionality. The features are usually limited to "digital" zoom and maybe some brightness adjustment. The iPhone's amazing array of apps has extended the functionality of the camera phone idea but there are still some issues that I would like to see resolved.


My review of the Photoswap iPhone App

IMG_0032.PNGFirst let me explain the concept before I give my 2 cents:

The idea here is you take a photo with your iPhone's camera and upload it to a central server that will, in turn, hand you back someone else's random photo that they just took and uploaded only moments ago as well. And what to do you get for your photo? Well, that's the mystery and the attraction of Photoswap for many.


Aerial Photography

A few weeks before we left for Long Beach, I got the idea into my head that I wanted to hang a digital camera from a kite....The key to getting this project off the ground was to protect the camera from the environment. Shock, sand and mposture. I accomplished this by sealing the camera and remote in a ziplock bag, and protecting it with the foam that normally protects computer hard drives in boxes.


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