My interview with about Hurricane Irene

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My interview on KOMO tv about Hurricane Irene

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Original link: To stay or go? Officials ponder Irene evacuations



Bahamas: Day 5-7

The remaining days of our Bahamas vacation were a mostly spent at the Atlantis water park. All of the slides were now open! That's good because by now, all of the cruise ships (up to 5 at a time) have been returning to Nassau after Irene altered their schedules. This meant a large influx of visitors, and having more rides open reduces the lines. However, the best line reducer is a cloudburst! 


Bahamas: Day 4 - Friends

With Irene now thundering up the eastern seaboard, the weather in Nassau returned to relative normal. The sun was bright with a few passing thunderstorms. We awoke, had breakfast and packed to move back to the adjacent Comfort Suites. Today, our neighbors Chad and Jen and their kids would be sailing in to Nassau on board a Disney cruise ship. 


Bahamas: Day 3 - the Aftermath

"Aftermath" might be a strong word. Usually such a word is reserved for events on the scale of Mount St. Helens or Katrina, and here in Nassau it wasn't anything quite that bad.

Hurricane Irene's eye passed about 50 miles to the northeast of us, however, due to the way the hurricane had evolved, we were in a relatively calm pocket despite our proximity to it. The winds here were in the range of tropical storm force, not the hurricane force winds as predicts. The rainfall was also much less than it could have been. 


Bahamas: Day 2 - The Wind Starts

We awoke to another beautiful sunny day. We were half expecting to see signs of Irene, but there were none yet. It was a little breezy, however. 

We prepared to pack a suitcase to move to our backup room at the Atlantis. As we packed, a squall moved in and we thought it was the first band from Irene, but it quickly passed and it turns out that it was just a standard tropical cloudburst.


Bahamas: Day 1 - Biting the Bullet

Earlier in the year we booked a week-long vacation to Nassau, Bahamas to celebrate two graduations: Hayley from high school, and Jenn with her software development degree. Over the course of the summer out plans started to solidify. We would be staying at a hotel on "Paradise Island" which is the same island that the famous Atlantis Resort resides. Not our typical vacation, but the package price couldn't be beat.


Aurora Borealis!

IMG_6220.jpgSunspot group 1261 has had a busy week unleashing at least 3 M-class solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) toward the Earth last week. While still year from solar max, this is quite a bit of activity. I took a photo of the sun and sunspot group 1261 from my deck last week:



For a creature that originated in filth, it sure is beautiful.



Squire Creek Pass hike

IMG_4001.jpgThis summer I hope to pepper several of the months with hikes in order to condition myself and C for the big 4 day Enchantments hike. Today, almost last minute, we thought we would head off to Boulder River Falls, a nice forested hike.  I packed my bag at about 75% my full trek weight and C's at 10lbs. We headed off to the trailhead at 12:30pm, the latest I've ever left for a hike before!

We arrived at the turnoff for the trailhead off Highway 530, less than a quarter mile in, the road was blocked by a tree. Damn. It was not that big of a tree, but it was a solid fall and wasn't going anywhere. A number of people had parked and apparently hoofed it the 3 miles in to the real trailhead, but I figured we could find another nearby trail, as the Darrington area had plenty.


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