IMG_0032.PNGAlright, I tried. I really tried. I made it a point to not become one of "those guys" on Photoswap and send endless inane photos of hairy legs or my TV in a darkened room. I would go on walks at lunch taking photos of interesting things to swap. But for my efforts I am rewarded with hairy legs and photos of floors and sheets.

It seems the more that Photoswap is downloaded and installed, the less compelling content there is. It has become a place where males think that a picture of their legs with their hand down their boxers is fair trade for a photo of a tits. I am no expert on the exchange rate of skin, but I am thinking that your amply-carpeted legs are not parity for a photo of breasts. However, if your goal is to get some wang action, then you are pretty much paying fair price. However, I don't want to see it. Advertise it in your "info" just don't swap that crap without an opening swap.

For all of the things that Photoswap does wrong, it does have several excellent design features:

  • Anonymity
  • Requires input to get output, and does not allow photos from your "film roll", which keeps it real
  • Simple interface

However, here are a few improvements I'd like to see:

  • User ratings - Allow people to rate other users, and allow for filtering for users above or below a certain threshold
  • Categorizing - Allow people to set a category on their image that others can filter in or out, such as "Adult", "Landscapes", etc. Very hard to define these, but it would be nice to have something like it
  • Buddylist - Ever hit the wrong button and lost contact with someone you were actively swapping with? It is anguish! The option to allow yourself to be made a buddy and the ability to reconnect with other buddies would be great.
  • Conversation tracking - Get a new message, don't lose track of who you were actively conversing. A threading system would be delightful.
  • User blocking - Cock blocking, literally. Rather than reporting, just filter them out of future swaps.


I doubt these features will ever get implemented, perhaps in another app, but it would have to stay true to the idea of the original Photoswap. The key here is to always require a submission, and never allow them from anything but the camera directly.

Hand Gestures - Photoswap Sign Language

In lieu of these enhancements, one thing I'd like to send out to the community is the idea of a common sign language between photoswappers. Sometimes a pencil and paper or computer screen is not handy for those times when a thumbs up or a thumbs down is not enough, but you still want to communicate a message to the other person. I'd like to see some hand gestures for:

  • More please - "I like what I see, give me more"
  • Something less negative than a thumbs down, for those times when you'd like to "not go there" but keep the line open
  • Be Right Back

 As an addict, I can't say that I'll stop using photoswap, but I am just getting so tired of the losers and their stupid legs.