The inspirationLast night I received a scavenger hunt list on Photoswap, so we thought, since we had a few friends over, thought that we'd have a little fun and participate. We contributed a few items to the list to the left and learned how the game worked on Photoswap.

We decided it might be fun to start our own game, so we came up with a list of fairly random things and started sending it out with Photoswap. The game is a bit slow going as the game controller, but eventually results started trickling in. There were a few random responses that did not fit any categories, but we did eventually end up with all of the objects on our list.

Our contained these terms:

  • Moobs
  • Boobs
  • Tubes
  • Lube
  • Doobs
  • Your Crew
  • Something blue
  • You
  • Screw

Here are a few of the results we received:

Something Blue:

Something Blue




You or possibly Something Blue

The one item we did not expect to get was "Lube" but we did manage to get an image of someone big pump of personal lube. Go, Internet!


We had a second hunt and two of the terms were "A cute guy" and "A cute girl". Sadly a lot of men think that an image of "cute" is them in a mirror with their junk out, but not their face. We had 5 non-penile "cute guy" submissions and a big ZERO for cute girl submissions. The most interesting submissions we got for "What is inside your nightstand drawer".