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Fun with Saddam

GYA posted a really amusing link to a Photoshop contest for doctoring pictures of Saddam and Dubyah. Very amusing stuff, so I thought I'd do up my own.


Drawdown and Surge

Drawdown and Surge? What the hell is that? Well, we very nearly learned the hard way what it was on our river outing this weekend in Longview. We beached my dad's boat on a nice sandy beach on the south bank of the Columbia River to let the kids play in the sand. After about an hour, a massive cargo ship appeared downstream, approaching fast.


Back from Long Beach

Fantastic trip, great friends, perfect weather. Our SandSations 2003 project was to make a Japanese Garden with a skinny zipper, based on the title we all liked: Zen Skinnydipping. Though we didn't win, it was definitely our best contribution ever. We had a great time.

Took massive amounts of photos at the Long Beach and Cape Disappointment. Jenn has all of the photos of the social events...


Anti-aliased fonts

If there's one thing the redhat 9 upgrade was worth, it was the anti-aliased fonts. Soooo nice. I even found a copy of MozillaFirebird 0.6 with AA support, so I'm pretty happy. I'm debating if I should upgrade the desktop at the office because it has the LCD....


Redhat 9 upgrade

So I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to redhat 9 on my home workstation (from 7.0)... [click below for details]The installation was trivial, however it required that I free about 700megs from my /usr which was quite a challenge.

My G400 seems to be working in accelerated mode, though I did have to install Matrox's own mgadriver to get the right DRI module for HW accel...


A letter I found

I found a rather disturbing letter on the sidewalk a few weeks ago. I first saw it walking to Rite-Aid downtown, and I told myself that if it was still on the sidewalk when I walked back, I would pick it up. And it was, and I was saddened by what it said.


Side yard progressing well

I had 6 cubic yards of topsoil (50% sandy loam, 50% manure) deliivered. It took about 3 hours with the help of a neighbor to get it all distributed among the beds I wanted it, but it looks great and the amount was perfect. Tomorrow we plant.

I also finished the path to the playhouse.


print flower guide thing

flower guide thing


Channel mixer for the Gimp

try it on pics from rockies and b-17\'s


The book I'm reading

Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson, the Treasure Island guy is, so far, a very good read. I'm just plowing through it (though after reading Anna Karenin anything is easy to read). Its got some great Scottish drogue in it and quite a few words I've never seen used. I'd recommend it to anyone. Even though there's no one out there to read what I just wrote.


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