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Weather, now fortifed with video

My weather station, primarily its graphing and trending functions were in jeopardy of being lost due to the decision to move his PC to his room. The weather station was connected to it downstairs by a USB cable. However, the station was resurrected on its own server, my ancient Toshiba notebook.


Protecting Your Photos with Watermarks

A common worry by many photographers is the theft of their work when they share it on the Internet. A common way to protect yourself from this is to digitally watermark the images. That is, superimpose some sort of identifying mark that prevents any illegal use of the image, yet does not detract from the image itself. A tough challenge with many solutions.


WTF Happened to customer service?

I've had the opportunity to travel to quite a flew places around the world, some where westerners aren't the most welcome, but I was dismayed to find the worst customer service experience right here in my neighborhood.Joe Pesci's character Leo Getz in Lethal Weapon 2 was right: "They fuck you are the drive thru". Everyone knows it, everyone has had it happen to them, and sadly, its just a fact of life. You're too far down the road to make it worth going back for that missing side of fries.


Craigslist is crazy

I have had a lot of dealings with buying, selling and giving away items on craigslist, but the experience never ceases to amaze me.I the past I told the story about how I got a Canon 10D DSL for $75 on craigslist. This time a few thoughts on the Free section on craigslist.

Let me tell you, if you have a garage full of stuff and you don't want to bother with a yard sale and you just can't see it going into a landfill, the Free section is the way to go.


Google Transit Maps Could Get You Arrested?

Being the rookie plane spotter that I am, I have been using Google Lab's new Transit Maps to plot my way to Boeing Field and back. The results it gives me are very interesting.


If Newbie Forums had Bestseller Lists

Bestselling Books as selected by readers of various photo forums on the Internet:

  • The Art of the Duck
  • Backyards: More is Less
  • Perfect Photos of Your Less-than-perfect Children
  • "What bird is this?" A Guide to the Most Common Birds Ever
  • Potrait or Mugshot: a Guide to Flash Photography
  • DOF explained: A guide to perfectly sharp,irrelevant, ugly backgrounds
  • Know Your Subject, Know You Suck


Another goofy experiment

The other day my son was showing me some of the new Pokémon cards he had traded at school. I noted to my wife how much a lot of the creature names sounded like prescription drug names (or vice versa). So the other day I was bored watching American Idol so I whipped together a silly quiz tool called Pokémon or Pill.


The Original Ken Rockwell Facts

For a couple long hours, the folks on's #photogeeks IRC channel dropped lines about Ken Rockwell, the photographer/blogger we love to hate.

We created these morsels along the same vein as the infamous Chuck Norris Facts, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Ken Rockwell Facts

Contributed by liem, Epic|, Fufie, michel_v, neom, Wintre, Bas|k, lament, mattsteg__ and pal.




The Amish have more fun

Jenn and I went to breakfast at our favorite little place near the house, which uses random coffee mugs from around the country. I noticed some strange things on my "Amish Country" mug that shed some light on the Amish culture. Or more confusion.First of all the front of the mug features 5 idyllic Amish scenes, captioned with "The Five B's of AMISH COUNTRY":




I think I know why the Microsoft Zunes sales are slumping

According to the Seattle Times the Microsoft Zune has already slipped from 2nd place to 5th place in portable music player sales.


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