I took a personal day yesterday becaue I wanted to take a short trip up to see Snoqualmie Falls at or near flood stage. I checked www.floodzilla.com and it said as of 7:15 AM, it was a mere 6 inches below flood stage, so plenty enough water for me.

I threw my gear into the car as well as a raincoat and headed up. The forecast for Friday, as stated on Tuesday, was for afternoon clearing, but it was dumping rain, and it rained all damn day. I arrived at the Snoqualmie Falls park and it was merely sprinling, which was a good sign, so I geared up and headed to the overlook. 

The amazing thing about Snoqualmie Falls, and I imagine is similar to Naigara Falls, is the "nano-climate" that forms from the spray. Within 30 feet of the overlook the weather changes from a sprinkle to a complete downpour, and its not just mist as you might expect, but literally rain. The mist cycles and gathers and just falls down upon you as you look at the falls from the railing. Basically, it always rains along the overlook.

However, my new camera and my trusty old 17-40mm lens are both weather-sealed, so it was a good test of my gear and my own coat. The coat lost.

I managed to get some nice shots in between clouds of mist and constant wiping of the lens.





After leaving the falls I drive up to my old favorite bridge over the Raging River for some high-water slow-shutter shots, then the latter half of the day was shooting various traffic at Boeing Field in the rain.