Took Cohen to see the McChord AFB air show on Sunday. A nice show with a lot more people than I expected. The weather was partly cloudy, though it did rain for one period that sent us scrambling for shelter under the belly of a KC-135 tanker.

There were a lot of modern aircract on display, but no good vintage air craft. Cohen got to get inside various helicopters and we toured the bellies of many cargo planes.

The Thunderbirds were a bit boring, they seem to just fly back and forth in formation, with a lone pilot doing any sort of acrobatics.

The worst part was the traffic. It took an hour to get from I-5 to the parking lot... but they're really not set up for this kind of event.

The highlight was the "Heritage Flight" of an A-10 Warthog in formation with a P-51 Mustang.