The Banger Sisters [DVD, Netflix]. Yet another suffer-through-through-it-in-the-name-of-couplehood movie. Only one character saved this movie from the doldrums. One and a half stars. Click below to read more. I prepared myself for the worst on this rebel-chick movie (akin to Selma and Louise, a movie I've, so far, been spared from). Taking a step back and reviwing it with a more open mind, the movie still was a bore and I found several places where I found the movie "rushed".

Suzette [Hawn] is a past prime ex-Roadie who gets laid off of her job as a rock club bar wench. She decides to head to Phoenix to hook up with her ex-groupie sidekick "Vinnie" [Sarandon] and possible hit her up for money. Along the way she picks up a neurotic failing author as a passenger Harry Plummer [Geofrrey Rush].

Well Vinnie, aka Lavinia, is now a society mom married to a lawyer. She lives a wealthy live with two spoiled teen daughters. Suzette shows up at her door and throws their perfect life into chaos.

Anyways, Vinnie suddenly, and I mean suddenly, revolts into her former self, while her stunned family watches in awe. Meanwhile, Plummer is back at the hotel feverishly writing as Suzette, while throwing his perfectly ordered life into chaos, has become his muse.

So after the happy ending all is good: suzette happy with Plummer, Vinnie happy with her now chilled family.

My main problem with this movie is how quickly Lavinia became Vinnie once more. Within hours she was back to nearly her former devil-may-care self. Though it would already stretch out this mostly predictable movie, I'd like to have seen more struggle with her soccer mom identity and her groupie identity.

The only true saving character of this movie was Harry Plummer. His comical metamorphosis at the hands of Suzette was truly engaging and both were perfect in their parts.

Your SO may force you to watch this movie, so just grin and bear it. There are some funny moments, and its over fairly quick. One and a half stars